Providing both long day care and kindergarten programs, Lulla’s is dedicated to giving Aboriginal children access to high-quality education and care. We aim to reinforce cultural identify while building confidence and self-esteem, the perfect foundation for a life of learning.



The majority of families who attend our centre come from an Aboriginal background.  


Our vision then is that all Aboriginal children have the opportunity to reach their potential through access to the highest quality of care that enriches their identity within a lifelong approach to learning.​



To provide Aboriginal children -- from birth to school age -- with a range of early-learning educational and care programs. These programs will reinforce their cultural identity and build their self-esteem and self-confidence, providing a foundation for lifelong learning. 



We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for children, and our staff play an absolutely crucial role in delivering our high-quality care and education programs.


All our staff hold Working With Children Checks, are profesionally trained, and hold a diploma or a Certificate III in Early Childhood, and have extensive experience working with children in the local communities.  


Previously, childcare, kindergarten and playgroups were provided to the Goulburn Valley community for over 25 years through separate individual services: the Lidje MACS Child Care service and the Batdja Preschool & Child Care service.  

The community then identified the need for a co-located centre providing an extensive range of programs to be delivered within an integrated care and education model. The co-located centre became Lulla's Children and Family Centre, subsequently established at 44 Edwards Street in Shepparton.

The core services of the centre include long daycare and preschool.


The centre's integrated care model has enabled it to provide a wide range of other community, secondary, and tertiary services to work alongside the core universal services operating in the Shepparton area for children.


These services now include community health services (e.g., speech therapists, occupational therapists), services by mental-health professionals, and parenting services.


With funding, we are also able to provide parent groups and playgroups.


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(03) 4800 5295

Our centre helps...


through integrated care, a supportive and inclusive 

environment, culturally relevant programs, and additional specialist services


through engagement with the community, and connections with other families


through shared goals, professional training programs, and commitment to professional development

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